General Admission is FREE!

 Main Street, Luray VA

Saturday May 5, 2018

12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Dog Frisbee



If this is your first Dog Frisbee event, Appalachian Air Canines recommends that you sign up for 'Timed Retrieve', 'Toss-Fetch' and 'Bullseye', at the beginner level.  The entry fee is $10 for non-club members, and includes all games, and a frisbee, plus an event patch with your entry.

Appalachian Air Canines requests that registrants complete a non-member form with rabies certificate information for your dog.


The first game during the Festival of Spring is 'Timed Retrieve' and will begin at approximately 11:30 am.  This is a great game for beginners! You are invited to use any dog-safe object to get your dog to run out 15 yards and then back to you, 2 times. Scores are based on how fast your dog can complete the task.  In this game, dogs need not catch any object.


The next game is 'Toss-Fetch'.  In this game, you have 1 minute to throw a frisbee to your dog and get as many catches as you can.  You only get points for catches, and the farther the throw, the more points.  There is also a bonus point if all of the dog's paws are in the air at the time of the catch.  Toss-Fetch Rules.


'Bullseye' is the final game.  For this game, the handler stands in the center of concentric circles and can have 2 discs.  Here, you'll also have 60 seconds to get as many catches as possible, with higher points awards for further throws. Bullseye Rules.


Participants are also encouraged to sign up for 'Freestyle',  a 90 second routine to music and usually includes various tricks and throws.  This may not be suitable for all beginners.


Details and More Information is Available Online at the Appalachian Air Canines Website.